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Patient Zero

Natalie Dormer

Dr. Gina Rose

Stanley Tucci

The Professor

Matt Smith


Clive Standen

Colonel Knox

John Bradley


Agyness Deyn


Dilyana Bouklieva

Military Trauma Medic

James Northcote

Pete Townshend

Jorge Leon Martinez

U.S Army Sergeant Keogh

Anastasia Harrold

Sorority Girl

Joshua Osei

Soldier Jackson

Colin McFarlane

Colonel Pierce

Pippa Bennett-Warner


Yumiko Hanasaka

American Refugee

Daniel Westwood

Staff Sergeant Weir US Armed Guard

Susanna Herbert


Stefan Ruzowitzky


Glenn S. Gainor


Short Details

After an unprecedented global pandemic has turned the majority of humankind into violent 'Infected', a man gifted with the ability to speak the Infected's new language leads the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.

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