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The Lords of Salem

Sheri Moon Zombie

Heidi Hawthrone

Bruce Davison

Francis Matthias

Jeff Daniel Phillips

Herman Whitey Salvador

Judy Geeson

Lacy Doyle

Meg Foster

Margaret Morgan

Patricia Quinn


Ken Foree

Herman Jackson

Dee Wallace


MarĂ­a Conchita Alonso

Alice Matthias

Richard Fancy

AJ Kennedy

Andrew Prine

Reverend Jonathan Hawthrone

Michael Berryman

Virgil Magnus

Sid Haig

Dean Magnus

Suzanne Voss

Elizabeth Jacobs

Torsten Voges

Count Gorgann

Lisa Marie

Priscilla Reed

Barbara Crampton

Virginia Cable

Michael Shamus Wiles

Jarrett Perkins

Ernest Lee Thomas

Chip McDonald (uncredited)

Maria Olsen

Dream Sequence Woman (uncredited)

Camille Keaton

Wench Girl (uncredited)

Clint Howard

Carlo (uncredited)

Udo Kier

Witchhunter (uncredited)

Richard Lynch

Reverend Hawthorne (uncredited)

Bonita Friedericy

Abigail Hennessey

Nancy Linehan Charles

Clovis Hales

Flo Lawrence

Sarah Easter

Brynn Horrocks

Mary Webster

Julian Acosta


Brandon Cruz


Dustin Quick

Masie Mather

Christine Ames

Dream Sequence Woman (uncredited)

Diana Hart

Dream Sequence Woman (uncredited)

Silvia Moore

Witch (uncredited)

Daniel Roebuck

Frankenmonster (uncredited)

Judy Thompson

Woman Getting in to Shower (uncredited)

Jobeth Wagner

Horror Fan (uncredited)

Rob Zombie


Rob Zombie


Rob Zombie


Jason Blum


Oren Peli


Brandon Trost


Jennifer Spence


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