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What Goes Up

Steve Coogan

Campbell Babbitt

Hilary Duff

Lucy Diamond

Olivia Thirlby

Tess Sullivan

Josh Peck

Jim Lement

Molly Shannon

Penelope Little

Brett Kelly

Blastoff! Chorus

Molly Price

Donna Arbetter

Sarah Lind

Peggy Popoladopolous

Laura Carswell

Lute Lement (as Laura Konechny)

Ingrid Nilson


Andrea Brooks


Andrew Wheeler

Principal Person

Gabrielle Rose

Mrs. Bridigan

Colleen Rennison


Alexia Fast


Kendra Sue Waldman

Dusty Drake

Robert Lawson


Short Details

Set in the mid-80's when a reporter is sent to cover the Challenger Space Shuttle launch only to become mixed up in the lives of some local students.

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