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Class Action

Gene Hackman

Jebediah Ward

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Maggie Ward

Colin Friels

Michael Grazier

Joanna Merlin

Estelle Ward

Laurence Fishburne

Nick Holbrook

Donald Moffat

Fred Quinn

Jan RubeŇ°

Alexander Pavel

Matt Clark

Richter R. Symes

Fred Dalton Thompson

Dr. George Getchell

Jonathan Silverman


Dan Hicks

Band at Rosatti's

Michael Apted


Ted Field


James Horner


Conrad L. Hall


Short Details

A Liberal activist lawyer alienated his daughter Maggie years ago when she discovered his many affairs. Now a conservative corporate lawyer, Maggie agrees to go up against her father in court. To gain promotion, she must defend an auto manufacturer against charges that their expl. . .

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