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Hana (2006) Action ,Drama, History,


In a poor district of Edo lives a young samurai named Soza. He has been sent by his clan to avenge the death of his father. He isn't an accomplished swordsman however, and he prefe . . .  more

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Google and the World Brain

The most ambitious project ever conceived on the Internet: Google's master plan to scan every book in the world and the people trying to stop them. Google says they are building a . . .  more

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Dracula in Love

Leila, a lonely young soul spends the night partying with her friends Nancy, David and Nash in a warehouse. As the boys drink up and smoke pot all social barriers between the sexes . . .  more

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Direct Action

Frank Gannon, a veteran cop, is being hunted by his fellow police officers after they learned he has betrayed the brotherhood and exposed to the feds wide scale corruption of the L . . .  more

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Blood, Sand & Gold

When an archaeologist discovers Sir Francis Drake's lost treasure in the Sahara Desert, it is promptly stolen and she sets off on a global quest to steal it back. . . .  more

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Big Fat Liar

Fourteen-year-old Jason Shepherd (Muniz) has a reputation for stretching the truth. So, when big-time Hollywood producer Marty Wolf (Paul Giamatti) steals his class paper and turns . . .  more

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Aaah! Zombies!

Brain freeze has never been so bad once you’ve tasted Ale Cream, as four friends inadvertently eat some radioactive ice-cream, turning them into zombies. Only problem is they don . . .  more

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A Ciambra

A Ciambra (2017) Crime ,Drama,


Pio Amato, a 14 year-old member of a small Romani community in Calabria, is in a hurry to grow up. Pio follows his older brother Cosimo everywhere and from him he learns how to hus . . .  more

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A frustrated, angry teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother. . . .  more

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The Black Hole

It's 2 A.M. in St. Louis when a routine scientific experiment goes terribly wrong and an explosion shakes the city. A scientific team investigates, clashing with an intergalactic, . . .  more

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Memoir of a Murderer

A former serial killer Byung-su gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and when a series of murders occur near his town, he worries whether the killings are his doings. Then, he comes a . . .  more

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King of Jazz

This revue presents its numbers around the orchestra leader Paul Whiteman, besides that it shows in it's final number that the European popular music are the roots of American popu . . .  more

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In Pursuit of Silence

In our race towards modernity, amidst all the technological innovation and the rapid growth of our cities, silence is now quickly passing into legend. Beginning with an ode to John . . .  more

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Horror and Hamsters

Twisted horror segments intertwined with cute, fluffy, family-friendly hamster videos. The filmmakers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think . . .  more

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Hannah (2017) Drama ,


Hannah is the intimate portrait of a woman’s loss of identity as she teeters between denial and reality. Left alone grappling with the consequences of her husband’s imprisonmen . . .  more

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Dakota (1945) Western ,


In 1871, professional gambler John Devlin elopes with Sandra "Sandy" Poli, daughter of Marko Poli, an immigrant who has risen to railroad tycoon. Sandy, knowing that the railroad i . . .  more

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Chronicle of an Escape

The true story of four men who narrowly escaped death at the hands of Argentina's military death squads during the 1970s is brought to the screen in this thriller. In 1977, Claudio . . .  more

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Another WolfCop

An alcoholic cop experiences blackouts and starts turning into a werewolf when the full moon appears in the sky. . . .  more

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5th Passenger

5th Passenger is set in the aftermath of an oppressive class war, Miller, a pregnant officer aboard an escape pod must struggle to survive with her remaining crew when a mysterious . . .  more

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Palm Swings

After moving to Palm Springs, a young married couple puts their love to the test when they discover that their neighbors are swingers. . . .  more

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